What People Say

A woman from Mid-Missouri wrote:

​”I got pregnant at the age of 21 when I was a junior in college.  I had always been pro-life, but until I faced an unplanned pregnancy and was faced with hardships, the difficulties were just that – hard. But the rewards are far greater.  I met many young women while I was on campus and pregnant that confided in me that they had an abortion and it was the biggest regret of their life. I am a huge advocate for young moms and am glad to be putting a license plate [on] that represents that — on my very own car that I just bought!  I’m 29 now and although my twenties have been difficult, I am glad I chose life. I could not imagine my little Anna Mae, 7, not being in my life. Life is precious and Love connects us all, therefore, it’s crucial that we Choose Life!”​A woman from St. Louis wrote:

​”I was one who stayed in a shelter. They helped me out a lot and continued to help me after I had my son. I really want to tell them thank you for all the hard work they have done for people over the years.”

A woman from Eastern Missouri wrote:

“I truly believe that all life starts at conception and that all babies have a right to live. I have always felt that I never did enough to support Pro-Life.  Prayer and monetary support are so important, but by having the “Choose Life” plate on my car, I tell all that view my plate that I am definitely Pro-Life.  My hope is that my plate will make people think about the issue every time they see my car coming down the road. God bless all the little babies.”

A woman from Northern Missouri wrote:

​”I continue to have a “Choose Life” plate because I believe God creates all life and that every life has a purpose and a plan. It started as a way to honor and remember our 2 teenage daughters who were killed in an automobile accident 5 yrs ago, and continues to honor what they believed and what our family believes – all human life is important and all children need a safe place to call home.”

A woman from South-Central Missouri wrote:

“My friend once shared with me about an abortion she had 18 years before I met her. I walked the journey of healing with her. It was a difficult and heartbreaking journey. Every life is impacted by abortion and it is destroying our nation and our world.”

A woman from St. Louis wrote:

“We want to display the plate as a reminder to ourselves and others that this is an option to abortion – a problem we all need to address!”

​We would like to share your testimony on this page. Why do you have the plate on your car? Is there some special meaning for you?

Some parents are honoring their choice to adopt a child, while others are following through on their conviction.  What is your reasoning?  This may help others to take the important step of using their license plate in a meaningful way.  Your name will not be shared, but your life-affirming story will be used to touch another Missouri family.  Email your testimony to WeDid@ChooseLifeMissouri.org.  Thank you.

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