Join us in showing others how passionate you are about saving lives

Missouri is known as the “Show-Me” state. Why? Perhaps it is because Missourians like to show with pride what they believe in. Choose Life of Missouri is a nonprofit, charitable organization devoted to presenting life-affirming truth. We’re pro-child, pro-family, and pro-life. Join us in our efforts to show Missourians and others that all children, born and unborn, deserve love and compassion.

Why Donate

We work hard to support the efforts of Missouri's life-affirming pro-child, pro-adoption agencies. By partnering with us, you will make an incredible difference in the life of a Missouri child and/or family.

How Your Partnership Helps

How to Donate

There are several ways to give, from purchasing "Choose Life" license plates to financial giving to material donations. All of these are the perfect opportunity to be a part of Choose Life of Missouri and show the nation you believe in the cause for life.

Donate And Make A Difference

Donation Uses

Your donations are used to supply such things as prenatal vitamins for an expectant mother or diapers for a newborn. We also provide items like new glasses or prom dresses for kids in foster care. You can choose to donate for a specific item or give for general use.

Giving Always Leads To Hope

Stand With Us

Missourians are the best sports fans, most loyal customers, and generous givers. Will you stand with us on behalf of your fellow Missourians, born and unborn? Together, we can offer security for organizations struggling to meet the needs of women, children, and families throughout our state. Choose to offer hope and life by supporting Choose Life of Missouri.

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