Who We Are


It is wonderful that Missouri now has the Choose Life license plate.  I am sure that all pro-life and pro-adoption Missourians will enjoy proclaiming the Choose Life message on their car!  I know I will!

Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum

A CBS Poll, Oct. 16, 2007, found that 54 percent of Americans take a Pro-Life position on abortion.  Now, with the "Choose Life" license plates, the will of the people can be expressed, complying with what is engraved on Missouri's Capitol dome "the will of the people is the supreme law".

William J. Federer, Author

The new 'Choose Life' license plate is a statement of beauty, beautifully made because it reflects God's heart and manner of speaking - to be salt with assaulting.  May many Missourians add this plate to their seasoning rack as a means by which God may flavor our culture to affirm the sanctity of human life!

Rev. Douglas W. Merkey, President, Churches for Life


The Mission of Choose Life of Missouri is to encourage people to Choose Life, enable life-affirming people to encourage others to Choose Life, and to encourage and raise awareness of the foster and adoption process.

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Choose Life of Missouri, is a Missouri non-profit charitable corporation, and is recognized as tax-exempt pursuant to Section 501(c)3 of the 1986 Internal Revenue Code. 

Choose Life of Missouri is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors with no paid staff.